Do you get tired of blocking unknown numbers? And want to know who calls you repeatedly and disturbs you. Then there is the good news for you. There’s an app through which you can easily recognize the name of the person who calls you. You do not need to go anywhere to know the data of that person.

This app is Truecaller Pro APK. It can easily be downloaded from the Play Store like Alt Balaji MOD APK. It is also available. This app helps more people to find the person who calls them. It shows the name of the caller. In the gold version, there is also a feature of call recording. You can also use the premium version of the game. It contains more features but it’s paid.

Truecaller Pro APK Free

Truecaller Pro APK

Truecaller Pro APK torrent

The app installed by Google is different from the app installed by the Play Store. The premium app has more features. Any call comes it shows the name and profile picture of the person. The premium version also shows whether it is spam or not. It also blocks the caller if he is a spammer.

Through this app, you can also record the call. But you can record calls in the premium version. Most people use a simple version of the app as the premium version is paid. It is used around the whole world. As it is more helpful, everyone uses this app.

Install true caller pro with activator youtube

How To Install it on Android?
The simple version of this app is directly downloaded from the Play Store. If you want to know only the name of the caller then download the simple version. Go to the Play Store and download the true caller from there.
But if you want to know more about the caller then download the premium version of the app. You can use the premium version of the app without paying any money by following some steps. The process of installing the app is mentioned here:
Open the chrome
Search about the app
Here you will see the link to download the app
Download the app
After downloading it requires permission as it is an APK file.
Permit to download the game.
Then press the install button to install the app
After installing, open the app
Now register yourself with your number and verify it by using the code.
And now, you can use the premium version of the app.

Truecaller Pro APK Latest Version

How To Install it on PC?
Can I use Truecaller on PC?
A lot of people ask this question. Yes, you can use the true caller on your PC. It is as easy as on Android. You can download the true caller by following the mentioned steps.

To download any app on pc, you need an Android emulator. Without any Android emulator, you cannot download any app.

Install Truecaller by using Blue stack:
Download the Bluestack from Chrome.
Log in to the blue stack
Search here for the app
Many results will be shown here
Download the game from the blue stack
After downloading install it, and use it on your PC.

Install Truecaller by using Nox:
Nox is also an Android emulator. It is used to download any app on a PC.
Download the Nox on your PC and log in on it.
In the search tab, search for the app
Download the True Caller and use it on your PC.

Truecaller 13.49.7 premium pro APK

Features Of Truecaller Pro torrent:

Truecaller helps a lot of people to find their caller ID. so, everyone uses this app to know the data of the caller. The features of which it becomes more popular around the world are mentioned here:
Call recorder:
Some people want to record some calls so they install a voice recorder separately but they don’t know that Truecaller also gives the feature to record the call. Just install the Truecaller you do not need to install the recorder separately. Despite these, you can also send your location to another. This will help people to find your location easily.
Premium and Gold Version:
This app is available in different versions. In the premium version, you can see a person’s information who viewed your profile. You can use the recording feature for a long time. A Premium badge will also be shown on your profile.
You can also back up your call history. Truecaller allows its user to back up his call history. You can also back up any call history, chats, and contacts.
Spam Detection:
It also detects spam calls. It can block these numbers. You can also set some codes of numbers in privacy. They can not call you.


Yes, it is a safe app. There is no threat of any privacy or any other malware software. It is free of viruses.

You can use the premium version of this application for an unlimited time. If any changes or any new features are added to the app then you can go to the website and update it. After updating you can enjoy the new features of the app.

You can use True Caller Pro for free by downloading the mod of the app. You can download the App from Chrome easily.

Yes, you can do this. The person does not know that you view his profile. This can be done by the new version.


Now, you worry about who calls you repeatedly because the Truecaller Pro APK tells you the name of the caller. You can know the name of the caller before answering the call. It gives you more features. You do not need to install other apps to record calls because True Caller gives this feature also.
So download this app and know about the person who disturbs you repeatedly.

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