Are you in search of a kid’s game? Some games are not developed for kids as they are harmful to kids, like fighting games. 

Swamp Attack MOD APK is the best game for kids. You can amuse yourself and kill time playing this game. In this game, you must live in the swamp to protect your house from horrible animals. This game is the best way to spend your time and exercise placing at your place like Gunship Battle MOD APK.

Continue to read this article if you want to know about the game’s hero and downloading process.

Swamp Attack ( Unlimited Coins&Potions)

Swamp Attack MOD APK
Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack MOD APK

What is Swamp Attack?

Swamp Attack is one of the exciting games. It is different from other games. In this game, you have to control the frog. The hungry animals in the swamp attacked the frog. The frog has to defend himself and collect food. You have to remain alive and kill the animals. When you kill the animals, you get coins. These coins help you to buy new weapons. You can kill hungry animals with these weapons. 

The frog can fly, swim, and jump. You can upgrade these features of a frog with money. The simple version of the game can easily be reachable in the Play Store.

Swamp Attack


What is Swamp Attack MOD APK?

Swamp attack is the shooting game. In this game, you have to control the movement of the sniper, and your main purpose is to shoot the duck. You have to play this game carefully and with patience. 

If the enemy shoots you, you will lose the game. So you have to kill your enemies by shooting them using different weapons. All the enemies attack you from every side, but your priority is to protect yourself and kill the enemies to win the game. 

Key Features To Play This Game:

Here are the key features of the game that help you to win the game:

  • When you want to shoot at the enemy, shoot on the screen.
  • Threw the explosive bombs toward the monsters to kill them.
  • Change the weapon after some time. 
  • Upgrade your weapons and other features before starting a new level.
  • When you die, get energy by drinking a potion. 

How to Install the New version on Android?

The new version of any game offers premium features, but this version is not reachable on the Play Store. This version requires some extra steps. All the steps to download the mod version are here:

  • Explore the game in the search engine.
  • Here, you will find the link to download the game.
  • Press on it and wait for a few minutes.
  • After completing downloading, it requires access to install the game. 
  • Open the settings and turn on the unknown resources
  • Install the game and enjoy it.

How To Install On PC?

The players addicted to playing the game on PC are in trouble with how to download this game on PC. Here’s the complete process to download the game on PC:

  • To download this game, you need an Android emulator on your PC.
  • If you do not have an Android emulator, download it from Chrome and connect with Email. 
  • Explore the game and download it.
  • Install the game and play it. 


Swamp Attack
  • Defend The House:

The animals attack the frog’s house, so the player tries to defend the frog’s house and kill the animals. After killing all the animals, the player wins the level and gets many points. At first, weak animals attack the frog’s house, but with a higher level, more dangerous animals attack it, and the player’s task is to defend the frog’s house from these animals. 

  • Choose the Weapon Of Your Choice:

Many weapons are accessible in this game. You can select any weapon to kill the animals. Choose the weapon after checking the animal’s power. If the animal is more powerful, choose the more explosive weapon and kill them. You can also upgrade your weapons with money. 

  • Different monsters:

You have to deal with various monsters in this game. They have their qualities and power. At the beginning level, you face low-power monsters, but with a higher lever, the high-power monsters will come into the game. 

  • Different Levels:

There are many levels to play. You face different challenges at different levels.


No, this game is free from any malware software. As this version is not available in the Play Store, many people thought it was unsafe. But they are wrong; this game is 100% safe.

No, you can not play this game online with other players; it has side effects. Your account may be banned due to this act.

You can control the movement of the frog with arrow keys and a mouse. 

Yes, this game is 100% free. However, some features of this game are paid, which is not accessible on the free version. You can get access to these features by downloading the mod version of the game.


Swamp Attack MOD APK adds amusement to the player’s life. This game is relatively easy.

The player can easily play this game without any hardship. You have to control the movement of the frog by using arrow keys.

You can also swim the frog to escape from the enemies. This game is a combination of action and shooting game. You can enjoy both actions and shooting in this game. If you want to win the level, your purpose is to kill your enemies and remain to escape from enemies.

The pros of this game are that you can also play this game on pc by using the arrow keys of the keypad. Read the article to learn about the game and downloading process.

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