Do you want to watch drama series that are not available on YouTube? A lot of old drama series are not available on YouTube but many people want to see that series. Here is the best app for those people ALT Balaji MOD APK. You can see all types of movies, and drama series whether it is old or previous on Netflix MOD Premium.

ALT Balaji MOD APK Install

It is an app that can be downloaded on Android as well as on PC. It contains all movies, drama series, entertaining videos, and cartoons. Most people preferred this app because some videos aren’t available on YouTube and other social apps like Instander MOD APK which is available on this app. People who are busy the whole day want to entertain their minds so they use this app.

ALT Balaji Mod APK

ALT Balaji MOD APK 2024

The modified version of the original application. It was developed to solve some issues that are available in original applications. This mode contains more features than the original. People can enjoy the premium features of the applications. As we know this mode contains more features this app also has a lot of features so most people prefer the new mode for downloading and enjoying.

The main benefit of the premium mode is that it removes ads. You can remove ads from the settings and watch the videos without any obstacles. Despite this, you can watch the videos with high resolution. You can download any type of video from the application.

Install ALT Balaji MOD APK

How To Install On Android?
You can download the original application as well as the premium version of the app. To download the original application you just have to go to the Play Store, search for the app, and download the app from the Play Store. But if you want to download the premium version of the application then you have to do some extra steps which are here:
Go to Chrome, and search for the app.
Press on the download link to download the game.
The APK applications require permission to download on the device
Permit the app to download from the settings
Then install the app
After installing, you can watch and enjoy the series.

ALT Balaji MOD APK Latest Version

How To Install On PC?
As we know, if we want to download any APK file on a PC we need another app which is called an Android emulator. Without any Android emulator, we can’t install any app on a PC. so, here are some steps to download the app on a download PC.
Download any Android emulator such as Bluestack on your PC
Log in to the Blue stack
Search for the app and download it.
Press on install to install the game
After installing, you can watch the series on a PC.
How To use Alt Balaji Premium MOd APK?
Firstly, you’ve to install the game.
After installing sign up for the app through your Gmail.
While signing up they ask some questions about gender etc.
After that, you can search for any drama or watch it.

ALT Balaji Premium


The premium version of the app has a lot of features than the original app. Here are some features of the new version:
Different Languages:
The main point of the premium app is that you can watch videos in every language. It can convert videos into different languages. So this app is used in many countries.
Download any Video:
You can download any video for later use. This app allows its users to download the video in any form. You can watch the downloaded videos when you do have not internet access. You can watch videos offline too.
Various Tools:
There are a lot of tools through which you can customize settings. For example, you can change the resolution level. Despite this, you can also change the speed of the video.
Thousands Of Videos:
In this app, you can get a lot of videos. All types of drama series, movies songs cartoons are available in this app. Some users download this app because they didn’t get some series on YouTube. It means it contains all the old and latest drama series or movies.
Ads Free:
The ads are blocked in the premium version rather than the original app. You can watch any video without any obstacles.


No, this app is free of any risk. There is no threat of any privacy issues or any other malware software.

Most people do not know about this and they buy a premium version but you can also use the premium version of the app free of cost. Download the APK version of the game from Chrome. It’s a premium version and you can use it without any cost.

Yes, this app works perfectly on an Android emulator. An Android emulator is necessary to download any app on a PC.

No, this app is not installed on a device that has less than a 4.4 version.


If you are fond of watching movies or drama series then ALT Balaji MOD APK Mediafire is the best for you. You can watch any type of video such as entertaining, sad, or happy. Through this app, you can kill your spare time. It also helps students to watch the lectures.

The students can watch all types of lectures related to any subject. You can watch any motivational video from this app. This app helps to find solutions to any problem. Its premium version gives you more features. You can also download the video to watch it in your free time. The interface of this app is user-friendly. Download the premium version to enjoy its more features.

This article has all the information that how to install this app on Android or PC or how to use this app. Share this post if you like it.

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