Do you want to spend your free time? But you don’t know how to kill spare time. You can play an action game and make your time enjoyable. Here is a more interesting and exciting game. 

Big Hunter MOD APK is the most played action game. In this game, you live in a dinosaur land. In this land, there needs to be a proper grocery store. You need to search for food to survive your family. 

This game is for those players who are looking for a combination of action and excitement Like Gunship Battle MOD APK Are you excited to know more about the game? Continue reading.

Big Hunter MOD APK Unlimited Money

Big Hunter MOD APK
Big Hunter MOD APK Tribal Survival

What Is Big Hunter APK MOD?

In Big Hunter Mod APK, you play as a hunter. You are the leader of your family. Your purpose is to feed your family by getting food. You can use different hunting tools to get food. In this game, you enter a land where there is no technology. You go hunting different animals to survive your family. 

In this game, you face different activities while hunting the animals. You do different actions to hunt any animals. These animals can also cause harm to you. You need to prevent these animals and hunt them. The game has amazing graphics and is easy to play. You only do a few hardships to win the level.

This action game is different from all other action games. In this game, you are on the land where people use stone and wood to make food. There are many animals like elephants, tigers, birds, etc. You have to use different techniques to hunt these animals. However, you will also die while hunting these animals. In short, your main purpose is to hunt the animals and provide food to your tribe.

How To Install The New Version On Android?

Due to the inaccessibility of the mod version on the Play Store, players often need help downloading the game on Android. Here are the steps to download the mod version on Android. 

  • Open Chrome and write the game name. 
  • Open any website and tap on the link. 
  • Downloading will start. 
  • After that, go to the settings of the Android and permit to download the APK file. 
  • The game installation is in the final stage.

How To Install On Pc?

If you want to play the mod version of the game on your PC, follow the mentioned steps:

The games need an Android emulator to download on pc. There are many Android emulators through which you can download the game on a PC easily. 

  • Download the Bluestack- the most used Android emulator.  
  • Connect with the Google account. 
  • Explore the game from the search bar. 
  • Download the game and then install it. 
  • After that, start the game to enjoy. 

Advantages Of Big Hunter:

Hundreds of players play this game because this game has many pros, which are here:

  • Simple interface
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Easy To Play
  • Fight against powerful animals
  • Select any weapon of your choice. 
  • Features of upgrading weapons
  • Unique gameplay


  • Different Attacks:

When you go hunting, different animals try to attack you. It would be best if you used different techniques to hunt these animals. Some of these animals are very powerful, and you must use different weapons to kill them. Meanwhile, if these animals attack you, you will lose the game. 

  • Compete with Other Players:

This game also contains tournaments. In these tournaments, you have to against other players. Play against these players without any hesitation and get the reward. This reward helps you to upgrade your features. 

  • Unlock All Weapons:

All the weapons are unlocked in the mod version of the game. You can use your favorite weapon to kill the animals. With weapons, you can hunt animals. Upgrade all the weapons to hunt the most powerful animal. 

  • Unlimited Money:

The game’s mod version offers unlimited Money. You can buy new items with unlimited Money. Besides this, you can also upgrade your weapons for hunting. Unlimited Money helps you to win the mission faster.


You can make a team of players that helps you hunt the animals. But these players must be from different locations.

You can play this game on PC by downloading the Android emulator. This game will download on PC through an Android emulator.

You have an Android of the latest version, a valid game install link, and a stable internet connection.


So we find the most played action game for you. This game helps you to kill your free time, and you can also enjoy playing this game. 

Big Hunter MOD APK is a unique game with many features that help you to play the game. Many action games are accessible on the Play Store, but players must play this game because of its uniqueness.  

You can do different tasks to hunt the different animals and then make the food for your tribe. You can also play the mod version of this game on your PC. You were using only the mouse and arrow keys to control the character. The key point of this game is that the amazing graphics of the game attract the players. Read the article to learn about the downloading process of the game. 

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