How to Share Location on WhatsApp from Google Maps? Whatsapp is the most used app to connect with people. It provides many features to interact with others through chat, voice calls, or also you can do video chat with your favorite person.

It allows you to connect with any people from any place. Some people are confused about how to share their location on WhatsApp with others. You can easily share your location with your friends because WhatsApp provides this feature also. By sharing your location with others, you can easily reach your destination or meet your favorite person.

In their daily routine, a lot of people meet with other people for business or another purpose. When they met for the first time they needed to share their location. In this article, you can get all the information about sharing locations on WhatsApp.

How to Share Location on Whatsapp from Google Maps?
How to Share Location from Google Maps?

How to Share Location on WhatsApp from Google Maps?

Different Ways to share location On Whatsapp:
WhatsApp gives the feature to share the location. You can share your location on WhatsApp by two methods.
You can share your live location.
You can share your current location.
What is Live Location On WhatsApp?

How to Share Location on WhatsApp from Google Maps?

This feature on WhatsApp is used to share your current location. If your current location is changed it also keeps updating. The timer is also available there. If you share your location for 15 minutes you can on the timer.
The person with whom you are sharing your location gets notified when you change your location. It is mostly used by young girls when they travel at late night and want to inform their parents about their current location.
There are many apps used for live tracking but WhatsApp live location works better than others.
How To Share Your Live Location On WhatsApp with Contacts:

How to Share Location WhatsApp

To share your live location on WhatsApp with any contacts follow the mentioned steps:
Start the WhatsApp
Go to the chat to whom you want to send the location.
In the text box, select the “location”
Enable your location data.
Permit to enable the location.
Set the time of how long you want to share your location.
Select live sharing.

How to share a Location on Google Maps?

How Long Can You Share Your Live Location?
It depends on you how long you want to share your location. Whatsapp location can provide timings such as 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. You can select 8 hours if you want to share the location for more time.
We recommend you not to share your location when your mobile battery is low because location consumes battery fast. You must have the internet to share the location.

How to Share Location on Whatsapp

How to Stop Your Live Location?
If you select 8 hours while sharing your live location. If you reach your destination and want to stop sharing of location then keep in mind the following steps:
Open the chat in which you shared the location.
Open the box in a text box in which the location map is shown.
Then click on the “stop sharing” option.

How to Share Location from Google Maps?

How To Share Current Location?
Sometimes, you are in a specific position and do not change your location and want to share your specific location with others.
Open WhatsApp and chat with the contact whom you want to share.
Select the location in the text box.
Select the “shared Location”
Your location is shared.

How to send Location on WhatsApp on iPhone

How To Share Your Location Using iPhone?
Some people use iPhones and want to share their location using the iPhone so if you are an iPhone user then look up these steps:
Open the chat of the contact whom you want to send.
Tap on the “+”
Select Location option
Select the location type that you want to send live location or the current location
Click on send location.

How to Share Location on WhatsApp from Google Maps?

How To Share Any Location Using Google Maps?
You can share your location using Google Maps as it is a more effective way.
Open the Google Maps.
Search any location and tap on the share icon.
Share this location through WhatsApp.

Live Location on WhatsApp

How To Share Location on WhatsApp Status?
Share your location on WhatsApp status by following these steps:
Go to Google map, search for a location, and share the location via WhatsApp
After opening WhatsApp click on the My Status
Share your location.

How to send the pin location on WhatsApp?

How To Share Pin Location on WhatsApp?
You can also send your pinned location on WhatsApp.
Open the Google Maps
Search the location, hold it, and tap on to pin
Tap on the WhatsApp icon and share the location through WhatsApp.


No, you cannot share the location on WhatsApp documents. There is no option for location on the WhatsApp desktop.

Yes, it is safe to share live locations with anyone. WhatsApp provides full privacy to any user as it is end-to-end encrypted.

No, your location is not tracked by anyone but if you share your location with anyone then your location can be tracked by that person.

Yes, you can send the location to a person who is not on your contact list.

Live Location means your location will be shared even if you change your current location but the current location means you are in the specific location and do not change your current location.


By reading this article, you can learn how to share the location. This WhatsApp feature also helps you when you are in a risky situation as you can send your location to your friend, it also helps you when you are new in any area.
By sharing your location you can reach your destination easily. As it is a digital era people use Google Maps to find a location or share locations to help others.

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