Hundreds of games are available on the internet. These games offer different gameplay. The players can play games according to their choice. You can play games such as racing, fighting, cooking, etc.
Stealth Master MOD APK is the most popular and recently developed fighting and action game. The modified version is also available on the internet. This game has a different gameplay from others. In this game, you are not a hero as in other games like ACE Fighter MOD APK. You act like a killer.
Are you excited to know about this game? Let’s start. This article is for you. This article gives you all the information about this game and its fantastic features.

Stealth Master MOD APK Unlimited Money And Tokens

Stealth Master MOD APK
Stealth Master

What is Stealth Master MOD APK?

Stealth Master offers different gameplay. In this game, you are not acting as a hero. You are a killer and killed many guards. Your main purpose is to protect yourself from the guards and reach your mission like in Gunship Battle MOD APK.
You can also use elevators to go up in the building. There are many buildings, and you have to collect money from the buildings.
When the level starts, there are many challenges and tasks. You have to do these tasks to complete the level. You can also hide in many hidden places. If the guards catch you, you will lose the game. You achieve money after completing the level. You can purchase many features with this money. The game
offers many tools to fight with guards. You can get these weapons from the store after purchasing them.

Stealth Master

Stealth Master MOD APK Unlocked All Characters

The modified version offers many amazing features that aren’t accessible on the standard version. You can kill the guards by using different weapons. If you are tired of watching ads in the standard version, here is the good news: there are no ads in the premium version to disturb you. All the weapons are unlocked in the premium version of this game. The cons of this version are that you can’t download it from the Play Store.

Install the New Version For Android:

Download the game’s premium edition if you want to use all the features. The majority of players prefer to use the paid version. You must take certain extra procedures to download the game’s mod version.
● Search for the game in Chrome.
● Utilize the link to download the game.
● If the downloading does not begin right away, wait a few minutes.

● Because it is a premium edition, the Play Store does not carry it.
● You must enable it from the settings to download from Chrome.
● Install the game after it has been enabled.

Install the Modified Version For Pc:

Download the game using an Android emulator if you want to play it on a computer. You need an Android
emulator to download any game to your computer. A program called Android Emulator enables users to
download any game from Chrome. Although other Android emulators are available, Bluestack is the most
popular one.
● Download Bluestack first, then connect to your email.
● In the Bluestack search bar, look for the game.
● This page displays a lot of results.
● From this website, download the game.
● Given that it is a new file, permission is necessary.
● from the settings, enable
● Install the game after it has been enabled.

Pros & Cons:

The unique action game has both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them.
➔ Through the modified version, you get unlimited money and gems.
➔ You have to spend money to purchase new features.
➔ The payer must have advanced knowledge to play the mod version.

How To Choose the Mod In This Game?

➔ Firstly download the mod version.
➔ After downloading it, open the game.
➔ The next step is to select the stealth master file and open it.
➔ The last step is to select the Config tab and tap on the Open button.
➔ After that, tap on the enable button
➔ After enabling, you need to choose the currency.
➔ Tap on Start and play the mod version.


➢ Various Tasks:
There are many tasks and challenges at each level. At first, the challenges are easy. But when you proceed to the higher level, the challenges become more difficult. And you need hard work to win the level.
➢ Different Characters:
There are many characters accessible in the game. Each character looks different from the others. By playing the game, you can also have fun with the characters. You can specify your characters by changing their hair color, skin color, and other accessories.
➢ Unlimited Money:
With the mod version, you can earn unlimited money. You can buy new characters using money.
➢ The Gangs:
In this game, you must protect yourself from the guards and the lasers. If the guard caught you, you would lose the game.

Stealth Master MOD APK


The developer develops this game to play on PC. The modified version can be downloaded on PC by
the Android emulator.

The developer of the game develops it securely. The modified version is not accessible on the Play Store, so people thought it contained malware or might harm their PCs. But the fact is that there is no chance of
malware software on the mod version also.


Stealth Master MOD APK menu is the best game for those who want to play fighting and action. In this game, your main focus is to kill the guards and collect money from the various buildings. During this journey, you have to protect yourself from the guards and face different challenges.
After downloading the premium version, you can get all the features unlocked. You can use different tools to fight in this game. Many players want to play the modified version of the game. This article contains the procedure for downloading the modified version on Android or PC like SAS 4 MOD APK. Share this article with your friend if you find it effective.

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