A lot of people use social media for different purposes. They spend their most of time scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Instander MOD APK, etc. Social media platforms have both advantages and disadvantages but when we use social media for positive use, it returns a great profit. Social media help people to grow their businesses.

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms where you can advertise your business and also use it for other purposes. As everyone uses Instagram the most its updated version is also available where you can get a lot of features that aren’t available on Instagram. The updated version of Instagram is Instander. It is one step higher than Instagram. It is similar to Instagram but it contains more features like Alt Balaji MOD APK.

Instagram Instander APK

Instander APK

Instander MOD APK 2024

The premium mod of Instagram. The features that aren’t available on Instagram are available on it. All the issues of Instagram are solved in it. On Instagram, you can’t download any video or post without any downloader but in it, you can download any post or video without using any downloader. Despite this, the ads are also removed from the Instander. It is also offering a lot of features of which a lot of users prefer Instander.
Instagram or Instander:
As everyone knows the modded version gives more features than the official app. Therefore, it offers a lot of features than Instagram. There’s no need for any downloader or any other app to download any video or picture from it. But videos or any posts aren’t directly downloaded from Instagram. So, the preferable is Instander.
Many people think that the modded version is banned after using a few days but it is not true. The developers developed this version perfectly. It is not banned after a few days as it is safe.
Install on Android:
Instagram is available on the Play Store so it is directly installed from the Play Store. But the Instander is not available on the Play Store. So to download the Instander follow the mentioned steps:
Go to any website of the app
Tap on the Download section if you want to download the app.
Allow downloading of the app from Android’s settings.
After that, install the app
Sign up, and enjoy the amazing features!!
Install On Pc:
A lot of users use this app on Android because it is easy to install on Android but some users are addicted to PCs so they want to use all apps on pc. As this app is not directly installed on PC you can download Instander on PC by following some steps. To download any app on pc we use a third party which is an Android emulator. Bluestack is the most used Android emulator.
Download the Bluestack and sign up
Search for the app in the Bluestack
Download the app
After downloading install it,
Create an account and enjoy on PC.

Instander APK 18.0


The features that a lot of users prefer about Instander are mentioned here:
Got verified Badge:
You can easily acquire a badge. The verified badge shows that the person is trustworthy or is not a scammer. In the Instander, you do not need to increase your followers to get a badge.
Download pictures or Videos:
In the Instander, you do not need to download any downloader, you can easily download the video or picture from the app directly. If you like any post in Instander, you see the option of the downloader, click on it to download the post. Then downloading starts automatically.

Instander MOD APK Latest


Instander APK MOD

Disable Message Replay:
You can also disable message replay of your friends for some time or a long time. After that, if you want to enable message replay then you can also enable message replay. The Instander allows you to disable or enable the message replay.
No ads:
Sometimes, ads are too much annoying. Because to watch a video wait for the ad to end. So the users are fed up because of ads. Therefore, the developers remove ads from It.
View Profile Photo:
You can view the profile photo of anyone. Instagram doesn’t allow its user to view Instagram photos but through it, you can view the profile photo by zooming in on the picture.
Hide Story:
Sometimes, you don’t want to show your story to some people. So you can hide those people from your story. After that, if you want to add them then change the privacy and show them the story.
Archive Story:
If you don’t want to download pictures or videos then you can add them to the archive section. Through this feature, you can get access to the video when you need it.


No, most people think that an account is banned after a few days but it’s not true. The developer develops it safely so there’s no risk. Despite this, there’s no privacy issue.

The size of the modded version is 53 MB.

To install any photo or video from it, you do not need any downloader. Simply go to the post and here you see the option of the downloader, tap on it. Download the post.


Nowadays, everyone is addicted to social media platforms. Because social media gives you a lot of benefits if you use it positively. It helps us to grow our business. We can advertise our business on Instagram. Download the Instander MOD APK to get the modded features of Instagram. There are more benefits of the modded version than the official app.
If you want to know how to download the Instander on PC or Android then read the article. Share with your friends if you like.

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