Boom Karts MOD APK is a game that includes both action and racing. If you like fighting and racing games then this article is for you because here we discuss a game that contains both action and racing. Yes, you read it correctly. In this game, you can start your race with multiplayer. Its purpose is not just to win the race but also you can shoot to at your opponent’s team.
It’s a car racing game. A lot of car models, and colors are available in the market of the game. The developer of the game develops this game user-friendly. Some games are too difficult to play. Only expert players can play this game. Beginners can also play this game as it is easy to control. You can control the movement of the cars with your fingers

Boom Karts MOD APK Latest Version

Boom Karts MOD APK

Boom Karts MOD APK v1.4.1.2

If you’re a beginner and want to get more coins in a short time, install the new version. This contains all the features, levels, and models of cars that are unlocked rather than the basic mod of the game.
These features help the players to win the game or to get more points. Through the new version, you can also get heavy weapons that are used to shoot out opponents. But in the basic mod, all the levels, models of cars, and weapons are locked. They are unlocked when you reach a specific level.

Steps To Install The Game On Android:
Download the game on Android by following the mentioned steps:
Open any search engine, search here about the version of the game
Open the website and tap on the Download
After downloading it will ask for permission.
Permit to download the unknown resources
The last step is to install the game.
After following these steps you can enjoy the game.
Install The Game On PC:
This game is developed as device-friendly because it can be downloaded on Android as well as on PC. The steps to download the game on PC are mentioned here:
We need a third party to download this game on a PC such as any Android emulator.

Boom Karts

If you have already any Android emulators on your PC that’s great but if you haven’t then download the Android emulator on your PC.
After downloading it, search here for the version of the game
Download the game from here and then install it.
After installing it, you can run the game on a PC.

Boom Karts APK MOD 2024

The main features of this game which many players want to play are mentioned here:
Leveling Up:
In some racing games, the players just start racing against their opponents and then they get bored of the game. But this game added a new amazing thing which is it contains more levels. When the player completes a level he is promoted to the next level which is more difficult than the previous one.
By completing one level, you will get more points.
Race With Many Players:
You can play this game with many players. The main goal of the player of this game is just to win the game against many racers.
Specify Your Character:
The first step of this game is to specify your character because without a character you cannot move your car. If you do not specify your character then there a default character is shown. There is a portion of the character where you can select the body shape, body color, and outfit of the character.
After specifying the character you have to specify your car. A lot of models and colors of cars are available in the car. You can select any car. You can also unlock new cars.

Play Game Wisely:
When players see that they are at first their opponents they increase the speed of their karts but they don’t know that there are many obstacles also. If you are hit with any obstacle then you will lose the game. So, play the game carefully. There are obstacles also from which you’ve to remain safe.
Use Different Weapons:
A lot of weapons are available in the game but some players use only bombs to kill their opponents. Use other weapons to kill the opponent’s team. Other weapons can help you to win the game more.


The size of this game is 177M. If you want to download a game that is smaller in size you can also download this game because this game is also available in a smaller size.

The latest version of the game is v1.4.1.2

Yes, it is available on Google Play. But the new version is not available on the Play Store.


Racing games are one way to refresh the mind. A lot of racing games are available in the market but Boom Karts MOD APK is one of the best games. Because it doesn’t contain only racing but also fighting. All the features are unlocked in this mod. The function is very enough for you to enjoy.
The control in this game is amazing, you will enjoy the incredible features of the game. Challenge your companions and have an awesome time with the boom!
But make sure to play the game for only a few hours. Excessive playing of these games can affect your mental health.

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