Dragon City MOD APK is one of the most played simulation games. People are attracted to this game because of its adventure. The game is different from others because you have to control the dragons in place of humans or vehicles. 

Your primary purpose is to build the dragon kingdom, train dragons, and make the team that helps you protect the domain from the opponent team.  In each mission, you will find different Iceland where you have to play. It’s a bit difficult for beginners to gain gems and money. He has to work hard to achieve gems at beginner levels. Because to win the mission, you must have coins and gems like in Gunship Battle MOD APK.

You can achieve unlimited gems & money by following the trick below. Continue reading to learn about this trick.

Dragon City MOD APK 2024

Dragon City Mod APK
Dragon City APK MOD

Dragon City Unlimited Money and Gems

What Exactly Dragon City APK is?

The advanced version of the game is where you can gain unlimited gems. This version makes it easier for beginners to play because the beginner can win the game easily. Mostly, people buy the advanced version to get all its unique features, but you can get this feature free of cost. 

Unlimited coins help you to win the game because you can upgrade your resources with gems and coins. Besides this, you can unlock all any Iceland, or you can get hundreds of dragons unlocked. In the mod version, you can also increase the dragon’s power. The advanced version has a lot of exciting features than the free version. 

So, here’s the process of downloading the advanced version of the game.

Why should I play it?

It is an adventure game you can’t find in other games. You are the dragon, and you will be fighting with other dragons for territory. Dragon City is a simulation game where you have to fight against other players.

The best thing about this game is that it is free and it has unlimited money and gems.

Dragon City MOD APK Latest Version

How To Install For Android?

The downloading process of the advanced version is easy but takes some extra steps, which are here:

  • Go to any search engine and find the game by searching
  • Then you see the Download Button, tap on it.
  • After that, enable the Unknown Resources button from the Android’s settings. 
  • Then install it to launch the game on Android.

How To Install For Pc?

As all of you know, we need an Android emulator to install the game on a PC. 

Download any Android emulator and connect with a Google account

Find the game by searching in the search bar.

Download and then install it from the Android emulator

At last, enjoy the advanced version on PC. 

Tips and tricks for playing Dragon City:

  1. The game starts with a tutorial that helps you learn how to play the game. You can also train dragons for battles.
  2. It has an in-app purchase feature that allows you to buy gems or gold, but most people prefer downloading the advanced version from different sites as this gives them unlimited money and gems for free. 


  • Unlocked Everything:

In the advanced version of the game, you can find everything unlocked. The gems, gold, and coins help the player to win the game quickly. The player uses the gems and gold for different purposes, such as upgrading the weapons or increasing the dragon’s power. You do not need to pay a single penny to buy gems and gold.

  • Online Multiplayer:

It is an online multiplayer game. You can share your game code with your social media friends and play with them. You can also play this game with players across the world.

  • Interface:

The game has an excellent user interface. Users have to log in with their Facebook account, which means all users can easily access and start playing. It is designed to be played using Android and Windows mobile phones. The colorful design makes it so appealing that you will keep playing for hours daily.

Dragon City APK
  • Numerous Dragons:

There are hundreds of dragons unlocked in this version. Each dragon has its characteristics. You can also specify your dragon by customizing the different skins of a dragon. And train them how to fight enemies. 

Pros & Cons:


  • There are many social media platforms where you can share your dragons with others and invite them to play.
  • The advanced version provides many features that help you win the game. 


  • You require gems that are paid.
Dragon City MOD APK


If you want to play the advanced version of the game, then make sure that you meet these requirements:
 You should have an internet connection
 You should know how to use a touchscreen 
 You should have  Android version 4.4 or more

Yes! With the advanced version of the game, you will have unlimited gems and money to enjoy the full benefits of the game without restrictions.

No, it isn’t free, but you can download the modded version from different websites on the internet, making it easier for people who want to try this fantastic game but don’t have enough money to purchase an official version.


It requires strategy, planning, and knowledge of your dragons’ skills. You need to be able to fight off enemies that are trying to conquer your land. You also need to know when to buy better equipment for your dragons and when the best time is for breeding new dragons. This game tests your ability as a player and will keep you coming back for more!
The app has no ads, meaning no waiting around for ads to load before you can continue playing. There is unlimited money and gems, meaning buying anything becomes more effortless. Therefore, install the Dragon City MOD APK to get unlimited gems or to enjoy!!

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