A lot of players are fond of playing action games. There are many action games of different types. You have to fight against your enemies to defend yourself. 

The Sun Origin MOD APK is one of the best shooting action games. In this game, the character needs weapons and food. The sun is shining, and the world is destroyed. The character faces problems outside because of explosive smoke Like Gunship Battle MOD APK.

Here is complete information about this game. Read the article thoroughly if you want to know more about this game.

The Sun Origin MOD APK Post-Apocalyptic Action Shooter

The Sun Origin MOD APK
The Sun Origin

What is The Sun Origin MOD APK?

The Sun Origin is the premium version of the game. The benefit of this version is that you can get all premium features without paying any money. The simple version is directly downloaded from the Play Store and offers many features. But these features are locked and paid. You need help to use these features. You have to pay money to use these features,

But you can use these features in the new version without paying real money. The disadvantage of the new version is that it is not directly downloaded from the Play Store. 

How To Play?

In this action game, you have to control a character. You face many hardships, but your main purpose is to remain alive all the time. You have assigned different missions. Your priority is to fulfill these missions.

The sun exhales radiations. Moreover, to win the game, you must complete the missions, remain alive, and shoot at your enemies. Many players like this high-quality action game. The graphics used in this game are of top quality. You can get many weapons for shooting. You can also upgrade these weapons from the merchant. You have to prevent your community from hunger. Again started the struggle for survival.

How To Install New Version On Android?

Players face problems downloading the new version of the game because it is not accessible on the Play Store. So here are the steps to download the mod version on Android. 

  • The New apps need permission to download on Android. They aren’t downloaded on Android without permission. 
  • Open the settings of Android and permit to download the game.
  • Go to Chrome, find the game, and download the game
  • After downloading, install the game.
  • Start the game to play. 

How To Install The Game On PC?

If you want to Install this game on pc, you can’t download this game directly from Chrome. The New apps require any other app to download on pc. There are many methods to download the game on a PC. One of the methods is here:

  • Download any Android emulator, such as Bluestack
  • Explore the game in Bluestack and download it
  • After that, install the game and start it.
The Sun Origin MOD APK


  • Attractive Graphics:

Graphics is the most important part of the game. If the graphics of any game are not attractive, the player doesn’t want to play this game. So, the graphics of this game is very attractive. You can also customize your character. 

  • Fight with Different Enemies:

Besides the harmful radiation of the sun, there are many dangerous enemies. They look like monsters. They tried to attack you and kill you. If these monsters kill you, you will lose the game. On the other side, if you kill the monsters, you can take the items of the monsters. 

  • Use Different Weapons:

You have to choose different guns to kill the monsters. Shoot the monsters at the right time and kill them. You can also take the shiels that help you to remain safe from the enemies.  

New Features:

  • Unlimited Money:

With the new version, you can get unlimited money. But if you play the basic version of the game, you get money when you win the mission, and this money is limited in range. Unlimited money helps you to buy new weapons, upgrade weapons, and have potions to live when you die. 

  • Unlimited Items:

Through the new version of the game, you get unlimited items. All the items are used for different purposes. These items are locked in the basic version of the game. 

  • Ads Free:

When you play any mission is a basic version of the game, you have to face many ads. All the missions of the mod version are ads-free. You can play any mission without any disturbance of advertisement.


Absolutely Yes, you can download the new version on PC. But to download this game on a PC, you have to download an Android emulator on a PC. The new version is not downloaded on a PC without an Android emulator. 

You can upgrade your weapons and other features with unlimited money. Upgraded weapons can help you to shoot your enemy and kill them easily. You get coins when you win the mission. If you want to get unlimited money, install the mod version.

As this game is not available on the Play Store, players thought it was not secure or their PC might be attacked by malware software. But the website from which you download the game is 100% secure. The game does not contain any malware software. 


If you want to know about the action and shooting game, your search ended in this article. Because here’s the best action game. This post provides all information related to the game, such as how to play, how to download this game, etc. 

The Sun Origin MOD APK is an action game in which you complete your mission in the explosive area. You have many weapons. These weapons help you to shoot your enemies. 

The new version is not accessible on the Play Store. You can download any new version of this game from any website. Many websites provide a link to download the mod version of the game. 

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