Hundreds of people are in search of action game that gives them enjoyment and pleasure. But people get bored after playing action games because some games could be more exciting and have high-quality graphics. 

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK is a thrilling action game in which you sit in a tank fighting with your enemies. Your main purpose is to kill your opponents using different weapons and win the mission like in Gunship Battle MOD APK. You can select any tank from the available nine tanks.

Are you excited to play this game? This post provides all the information about the game. You can play as well as download the game after reading this post. 

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK
Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

What is Hills Of Steel APK? 

It is the first part of the game. When the first part of the game became popular among thousands of people, the developer thought to develop the second part of the game. The second part develops with many more features. Here is a small introduction to the first part. 

In this part, you have to control the tank on the hills. There are more tanks of your opponents. Your tank is loaded with more power and weapons. It would help if you used this power and weapons to kill your opponents. You can also play the game by creating a team. Moreover, You can invite your friends to this game and start playing with them. 

What is Hills Of Steel 2 MOD APK?

The second part of the game has many features. In this part, many tanks are accessible in 9 different variants. You can select any tank from these available tanks. You can also customize your tanks according to your choice. The main pros of this game are that you can start the challenge with your friend. After winning any mission or tournament, you achieve the scores. These help you to buy any item from the market or new tanks. 

Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

What is Hills Of Steel 2024?

It is the premium version of Hills of Steel 2. In this version, all the tanks and missions are unlocked. In addition, you achieve unlimited money that helps you unlock new tanks and get different modes. All the modes have different interfaces and tasks. The players are engaging with new tasks. 

Install The Game For Android:

You can install any part of the game from the Play Store, but the new versions of these games are not accessible on the Play Store. You need to do an extra step if you want to play the mod version of the game. Many mod versions are accessible but aren’t available on the Play Store. Here are the techniques to download the mod version of the game

  • Open the settings of your Android and turn on the button of the unknown resources. 
  • Find the game in Chrome and download it. 
  • After this step, install the game. 
  • Then you can play the game without any hurdles. 
Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK

Install The Game For PC:

If you want to Install the new version of the game on your PC, follow the mentioned steps. 

  • Install the Blue Stack- an Android Emulator used to install the game on pc
  • Connect with Gmail account
  • Explore the game in the search bar
  • Download and install the game.
  • Now you can play the game.


  • Play With Tanks:

In this game, you get a chance to play in tanks. Your opponents are also in the tanks. Despite this, there are nine tanks with different features. You can use the features of any tank to kill your rival team. You can also start the tournaments using these tanks. 

  • Different Modes:

There are four modes in this game. All the modes have their different tasks. The player never gets bored in the mod. In these modes, you play solo and demolish the returns of the opponent team. In addition, you can also play in a team and attack your rival team. 

  • Customize The Tanks:

You can customize your tanks according to your choice. You can also add new weapons to your tank by using unlimited money. When you kill any enemy, you get gems and money. These gems help you to upgrade and customize new tanks.

  • Multiplayer Mode:

You can play in multiplayer mode, also. Please invite your friends to a game and make the team with them. Challenge your friends and start a tournament to achieve gems and money.

  • Limitless Money:

In the mod version, you get unlimited money. This money helps you to buy new items and upgraded tanks. 


Yes, the new version of the game is free from viruses. The developer develops this software safe from malware software. 

There are nine tanks accessible – having different weapons and powers. You can select any tank from these available tanks.

Yes, you can upgrade your tank in this new version. The features of the tank were also upgraded when you upgraded the tank. You can upgrade your tank with unlimited money.


Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK is the most famous action game in which you can fight sitting in a tank. This game had different gameplay from the other action games. There are many modes of this game accessible on the market. 

The New version gives you a chance to play with your friends. Its first part is also accessible on the internet. Games have advantages and disadvantages also. You can learn many lessons from the game, but the excessive playing of games can also affect your mental health. These game also lessens the interest of the student in studies.

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