Mostly, when people start a YouTube channel they share the link to the YouTube channel with other people so that subscribers and views of YouTube videos increase. Instagram is one of the most famous ways to promote and advertise your business. A lot of people use Instagram nowadays. So the best way to promote a YouTube channel is to share links on Instagram.

There are different ways on Instagram to share YouTube links. But people don’t know how to share YouTube links on Instagram stories. So, in this article, we provide all information about Instagram.

How To Share Youtube Link On Instagram Story 2024

How To Share Youtube Link On Instagram Story
How To Share YouTube Link On Instagram Story 2022

Different Ways To Share Link On Instagram:

There are many easy to shared YouTube links on Instagram which are mentioned here:
Share the video as a story.
Share the video link as a story.
Share the video as a post and reel.

How to share YouTube videos on Instagram Story 2024

Share the Video as a story:
If you want to share your YouTube video as a story, follow the mentioned steps:
Install the Instagram app and sign up for your account
At the bottom right corner, tap on the Profile button.
Tap on the + button and click on Story
Click on Video and select the video which you want to share.
Click on the post as the story
After these steps, your video will be posted as a story.
Share the video link as a story:
It is easy to share the YouTube video link as a story. This process contains only a few steps which are here:
Open the YouTube video you want to share
Tap on Share on the video title
Copy the link to the video
Open Instagram and log in to your account
Click on + and select the Story option
After selecting Story, many options show there
Select Create and then select a sticker.
Select the link sticker and paste the link that you copied on YouTube.
The last step is to post the link as a story.

How to post YouTube Video on Instagram reels

Share the Video as a Post Or Reel:
Sharing a video as a post requires some extra steps. Because YouTube videos are not directly posted on Instagram. Instagram video size is different from YouTube video size. The process to post a YouTube video as a post is here:

How To Share YouTube Link On Instagram Story 2023

First of all, download the video from the youtube
Resize the video using any video editor.
Open Instagram and tap on the + button
Select the video and post it on your Instagram account.
And now, you can see the video as a post shown on your account.

How to share a Youtube link on Instagram Story android

How To download a video from YouTube?
In the process of sharing videos as posts, a lot of people are worried about how to download the video from YouTube. Because the video from YouTube is not directly downloaded to the device. So, the process of downloading the video from YouTube to the gallery is here:
Download the Open Video Downloader
Copy the link from YouTube
Paste the link in Open Video Downloader
Tap on Download
And your video will be downloaded.

Many apps are used to download the video from YouTube but Open Video Downloader is best.

How To Share Youtube Link On Instagram Story

How To Resize The Video?
After downloading the video from YouTube, people were confused about how to make the YouTube video according to Instagram criteria. It is very easy to resize the video. There are a lot of video editors available in the Play Store to resize the video such as in shot and cap cut.
Download any Video editor from the Play Store.

How To Share YouTube Link on Instagram Story

Sign up for the editor
Select the video and select the ratio of the video.
The best ratio of the Instagram posts or reels is 9:16
Select this ratio
Trim the video if needed
Download the video from the editor
And post it on Instagram.

How To Share Video On Instagram Without 10K Followers?

An Instagram user who has 10K followers can easily share the video and his video will be liked by many people. Sharing video for a user who has already 10k followers. It’s difficult for the user who has not 10k followers. He has to follow some tips and tricks to share videos.
Make an IGTV video of a few minutes and never forget to give CTA in the description
Post video on the IGTV channel
Open Instagram and open the story section
Select your IGTV video
Share it as a story.

How To Share YouTube Link on Instagram Story

Benefits Of Sharing Videos on Instagram:
You will get a lot of advantages after sharing YouTube videos on Instagram. A few of these are mentioned here:
More Followers:
People watch your story and like it. In this way, they follow you. Your followers will be increased and your YouTube video will reach more and more people. Your subscribers and views on your YouTube channel increase. In this way, you can get earnings from a YouTube channel.
Save your time:
Sharing YouTube videos on Instagram can save you time. Because if you create a new video for Instagram then it takes a lot of your time. So it is better to share the YouTube video on Instagram.


Sometimes, this issue happens to many users. Because then disable the privacy to share the video as a story. So, go to settings, select Privacy, and enable the story privacy. Then you can share your video as a story.

If you want to post a YouTube video on Instagram without copyright then make it unique. Trim the video, and add music, and colors to the video. Make the video look different from the YouTube video.


Sharing YouTube videos on Instagram gives you more benefits. When people on social media engage with you, like your video want to follow you. In this way, your followers will increase.
I hope you get all the information about how to share YouTube videos on Instagram. In this article, we described all methods.

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