How to make a video with pictures and music?

As of this writing, In Video is the most intuitive and straightforward web-based video editor. With more than 5,000 completely editable themes for uses as diverse as Instagram advertising, YouTube end screens, Facebook tales, and more, this program is an excellent option for making engaging slideshow videos set to music.

How to make a video with pictures and music for free

How to make a video with pictures and music
How to make a video with pictures

How to make a video with music and Pictures

Why In Video Is the Best App for Making Videos With Pictures and Music?

Easy to use:
 Our web-based editing platform is both feature-rich and intuitive. In about 10 minutes, you can add many different features to your films and have them look great.

The built-in library provides you with access to 8M+ stock footage, 5000+ completely configurable templates, royalty-free audio, text elements, stickers, light leaks, as well as other fun effects for use in your films.

How to make a video with pictures and music?


To make sure you can always get back on track with our video editor, we’ve developed a set of lessons that will be maintained for as long as the program itself is available. Getting in contact with our customer service is an option if you still can’t locate what you need. We have staff accessible around the clock, and someone is always ready to take your call and address your concerns.
Edit videos from anywhere: InVideo operates in a web browser, and your work is automatically synced and stored in the cloud. Never again will you have to worry about losing work in progress, updating software, or waiting until you get home to make a minor adjustment.

How to make a YouTube video with pictures and music

  • Creating videos with pictures using the Photo Stage Slideshow
    PhotoStage Slideshow is an excellent choice if you need a simple and inexpensive program for making beautiful presentations. It may lack the depth of other programs, but it’s the easiest way to compile your favorite songs and photographs.
    Although the program does not come with any filters or effects, you may add a variety of transitions to your slideshow to make it more engaging. There are many interesting options, such as: in the transition effects library.
  • How to make a video with pictures and music?
    Tetromino Fade In
    Out Slide Bounce
  • Changing the look of your photos is a breeze. Modify their color, contrast, and brightness, as well as cut and rotate images. The program guarantees that your slideshow video plays as smoothly as possible and boasts excellent color quality. 
  • You may now upload the vast majority of common audio and video files in addition to photos. As a result, you may make a multimedia presentation that is both informative and entertaining. Play some music you like in the background and add a few videos for some visual variety. You may share your films on sites like Vimeo, Flickr, & YouTube with the help of PhotoStage Slideshow.
  • Making Slideshow Videos with Icecream Slideshow Maker
    The Ice-cream Slideshow Maker software is powerful and can be used to make professional-looking slideshow films.
  • Multiple common picture formats may be imported, along with other forms of multimedia data including audio and video.
  • The program allows you to add music to certain parts of your presentation.
    With Ice-cream Slideshow Maker, you have access to a wide variety of transitions and effects to give you slideshow videos that have professional polish.
  • The ability to export movies in high-quality formats is a major perk of the program. By doing so, you can make sure your film is as engaging as possible.
  • Many other things may be done in the editing process, including: – deciding how long each scene will be – adjusting the tempo of transition effects
    You may change the loudness of individual tracks.
  • The free version of the program has certain limitations, such as a maximum of 10 slides and the inability to export anything beyond a WebM movie. The full functionality of Icecream Slideshow Maker is also unavailable to you at this time.
  • Getting the Pro edition unlocks all features and allows for unlimited usage of the tool.
    In this video, you’ll learn the basics of using Icecream Slideshow Maker to make your slideshow movie.
  • Using MAGIX Photo Story Deluxe to create slideshow videos
    MAGIX PhotoStory Deluxe is an excellent choice for making your first slideshow video. Intuitive design makes it simple to learn and utilize.
  • The movie creation process may begin with the help of the app’s wizard, which will walk you through utilizing the vast majority of Photo Story Deluxe’s primary capabilities.
  • You may prepare your photographs for the slideshow with the help of the app’s built-in image editor. Short Match Tool is a function that can be used to make all of your pictures have the same color and lighting scheme.
  • Use the app’s filters & transition effects to create stunning photo montages. If you need some assistance getting started, you may peruse the available template collection.
  • Also accepted are voice/video files in addition to the several picture formats. Select a suitable musical track and use a wide variety of media formats in your slideshow to create a breathtaking visual experience.
  • Photostory Deluxe’s standout function is the MAGIX Travel Maps add-on. It lets you make impressive moving pictures of your holiday with a red arrow pointing to all the locations you went to.
  • There are more than 500 unique audio and design components in the Ultimate Traveler Package, all of which have been optimized for use in vacation-themed slide presentations.
  • MAGIX PhotoStory Deluxe has several fantastic features, such as support for virtual reality and 360-degree videos, but it lacks robust video editing tools.

How to make a YouTube video with pictures and music

How to make a video with pictures and music?


Animoto is the effortless way to turn images into a video with stylish text and transitions, plus licensed music for any occasion. Simply add your photos to our online video creation software and quickly rearrange your pictures to tell your story. Drag and drop your way to a stunning video in minutes

KineMaster is an easy-to-use and full-featured photo video maker app to combines multiple photos into a video. To enhance the video, you can make color adjustments, add voiceovers, background music, voice changers, and sound effects, or reverse, trim, split, cut, and crop videos.

Kizoa – Free movie maker, video editor, and slideshow creator.
Photostage – Powerful cross-platform slideshow maker.
Icecream – Free Win slideshow maker.
PicoVico – Free online photo video maker.
Filming Video Maker – Free Android slideshow maker.
SlideShow Maker – Free iOS slideshow maker.

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